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May 24, 2018

"What would you do if your estranged, homeless, alcoholic father suddenly showed up at your door? What if you knew in three weeks you would be saying good-bye to him forever? One daughter knows deep down that her only choice, for the sake of Christ, is forgiveness—but how?

Adult children of alcoholics and addicts live caged in guilt, shame, depression, and other self-destructive thought patterns. In Three Weeks to Forgiveness, author Kimberly Dewberry addresses distinctive ways to identify forgiveness and create a healthy life through Jesus Christ. With real and raw reflection to empower those dealing with addicted parents, the author encourages readers to overcome the familial cycle of substance abuse and its devastating effects."



The above excerpt was taken from Kimberly Dewberry's unbelievable book on finding forgiveness in the midst of turbulence. 

You are in for a treat in this podcast as we talk to author and speaker, Kimberly Dewberry about her award-winning book (affiliate link), Three Weeks to Forgiveness: God's Redemption in the Dark Places of Addiction

Find Kimberly Here:

WEBSITE:  Transforming Normal

FACEBOOK: Kimberly Dewberry Author

One of her many amazing blog posts:  What is Recovery?


* Please note, the audio quality is not 100% due to the system I was using.  Please try to tune it out and listen to the amazing story of redemption by Kimberly.  It is riveting! *