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May 8, 2018

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4 Things Women Do to Tear Down Their Homes and Strategies to Build Them Back Up


1. Let it stand vulnerable.


Verse Mapping Master Course: The Busy Beginner’s Simple Solution to Bible Study on a Strict Time Budget,

Beginner to Bible Study Boss Course: 6 Proven Techniques to Add More Time to Your Day, and Fully Equip You to Understand the Bible Even if You’ve Never Cracked it Open or Your Eyes Cross When You Do.

START BUILDING: Go room to room declaring the power of Jesus’ name over the people who use each room.  Ask for God’s protection.  Cover every corner of your home in prayer. Devote time during your day to Biblical study.

2.  Act out of worry and fear.


4 Practical Steps to Allow Your Kids to Live Boldly When You’re Afraid

START BUILDING: When fears creep up, immediately tell the Lord what you’re afraid of and list three ways He has shown Himself to be trustworthy.

3.  Refuse to rest.

START BUILDING: Carve out time each week to unplug and disconnect from distractions.  Enjoy family, friends, and time with the Lord.

4.  Forsake discipline.

SUGGESTIONS (Links to these can be found in the ORIGINAL BLOG POST): 

Instructing a Child’s Heart

Shepherding a Child’s Heart both by Tedd Tripp

Don’t Make Me Count to Three  by Ginger Plowman


START BUILDING: Use the Disciplined Thinking Worksheet to try to tap into the heart issue of the misbehavior.  Grab it HERE.


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