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Aug 1, 2018

At But.God.Period, we are all about helping women gain control, shatter shame, vanquish mommy guilt, and regret nothing.  When we heard about Ronda Everett and her new venture, the UNAshamed Magazine, we knew we just had to interview her.

UNAshamed Magazine is for the fearless urban woman.  The magazine's mission is to help women in real life trenches to release their shame, rise in freedom, and rejoice in Christ.

Launching the first week of August 2018, UNAshamed Magazine will post articles that will appeal to many women.  The various categories will help women who just want something light, or women desiring to dig deeper, and even women who want complete freedom.

You can read the magazine at

Be the first to know when it launches: Request Access to the official Un A Shamed Magazine Group on Facebook.

Got questions?  Contact Ronda at